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Screenshot showing the Airtame Ethernet AdapterScreenshot showing the Airtame Ethernet Adapter
Ethernet Adapter

We love everything wireless, but even we know that the cable connection from Airtame to the router provides more stability for your network.

1049 UAH


Why use an Ethernet Adapter?

The Ethernet Adapter allows you to hardwire the Airtame unit into your network for ultimate bandwidth and 100% stability. This is especially helpful in zones with weak WiFi or for very crowded WiFi environments.

Additional stability

WiFi signals sometimes lose data because of external blockers and interference. This is a bigger problem for some than for others. An Ethernet connection eliminates this risk.

Advanced customization

For organizations with multiple networks, an Ethernet adapter is essential. Airtame can handle one wired connection and one WiFi connection. For example, if you have a wired internal network plus a wireless guest network, users from both networks can stream to a single device without having to switch networks.

Higher transmission speed

Transmitting data wirelessly takes more time than with cables. Since data sometimes gets lost, the lost pieces of data need to be sent a second time, which takes even longer. To minimize latency, use Ethernet.